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Your search for a doctor who listens is over.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Toomer and I’ve got you.

I know how it feels to ask for help and getting shamed instead.

I would sit in my car holding back tears after doctors told me, “you need to lose weight”, but not giving me the support I needed to do that. So I did it on my own.

You don’t have to.

Tell me your story and I will help you feel your best, even if you don’t know what that means right now.

“I basically kind of gave up. Then I called Dr. Toomer…

she was the only one who listened”

I felt bad, my knees were hurting, my weight was out of control and I was on the verge of Type 2 Diabetes…

I kept asking my doctors …their answers: eat better. I thought I was…so I basically kind of gave up. Then I called Dr. Toomer…

I originally went to Dr Toomer for help to lose weight. While she did help me do that, she also was the only one who listened, helped figure out what was going on, why I gained weight to begin with…

I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.

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Often the most important weight we have to lose is in our heads.

And that’s why I added hypnotherapy and something called NLP into my medical toolbox.

Unlike how you’ve seen it used in movies (*cough* Get Out), hypnotherapy is a powerful process that can improve lives. I use it to help people control overeating and enter a state of deep relaxation.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a complicated name for a straight forward process I use to help people mindset reframing to reduce food cravings, improve habits, and to make other changes they want to improve their lives.

In my work, I listen between the lines

Weight on our bodies is a symptom of other heaviness in our lives. So when we work together, I listen for all the ways I can help you lose weight—whether in pounds on a scale, life weighing you down, or a toxic someone you need getting rid of*

*no shovel for a shallow grave required.

She truly listens to you and works to find the root cause of your weight struggle

You have the courage to change the things you can,
and the courage to accept the things you can’t.

Every change starts with a new and often frightening step, but I’m here to make your journey easier with all my expertise, experience, and excitement at your disposal.

She focuses on total body wellness not just weight loss.

[Dr. Toomer] is a wealth of knowledge, very down to earth and her approach is OUTSTANDING! She focuses on total body wellness not just weight loss. I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to connect with her!


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