Courage, Confidence & Care

I know many have websites with information to let others know who you are and
I want the true essence of who I am reflected.

But I wonder if writing about my life of serving and service, transforming and transformation,
will reflect the international polymath that I am.

Or whether listing my talents, skills, traumas, and triumphs fully express the psychological tapestry that allows my insight.

I am often called wise and my guidance described as profound, but I don’t know how that translates into words, no matter how life changing when applied.

I am a musician who hears life in chords and seeks to retune any note off key

I am an artist who sees the world in color, moved to transform anything dull to vibrant

I am a thinker who gets excited by taking complex problems and making them simple

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend who is driven to create, grow, and maintain what connects us.

I am a
TEDx speaker
popular podcast guest
course creator
and more

I am also at a loss as to how this translates, and how much it matters, but know I owe it to those who seek my help, to at least try.

Those who experience increased calm and confidence from working with me, already know.

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