Courage, Confidence & Care

I know many have websites with information to let others know who they are and
I want the true essence of who I am reflected, but listing that…

I am the founder of Total Weight Care Institute™️, or the creator of comprehensive and compassionate weight health care courses for patients and practitioners based on my 100+ pound weight loss, type 2 diabetes reversal, or surviving a high mortality, pregnancy related heart disease, or that…

I am a Michigan State University College of Human Medicine graduate and Shands Hospital at the University of Florida trained in Community Health and Family Medicine. Or that…

When not guest appearing on podcasts and radio shows, I am a keynote and TEDx speaker on topics related to health, wellness, weight loss, dispelling the myths of Imposter Syndrome, advocating for weight loss treatment, and lending my voice to fighting bias, prejudice, and shaming in medicine.

But I wonder if writing about my life of serving and service, transforming and transformation, will reflect the internationally raised polymath that I am.

Or whether listing my talents, skills, traumas, and triumphs fully express the psychological tapestry that allows my insight into empowering others.

I am often called wise and my guidance described as profound, but I don’t know how that translates into words, no matter how life changing when applied.

I am a musician who hears life in chords and seeks to retune any note off key

I am an artist who sees the world in color, moved to transform anything dull to vibrant

I am a thinker who gets excited by taking complex problems and making them simple

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend who is driven to create, grow, and maintain what connects us.

I am at a loss as to how this translates and how much it matters, but know I owe it to those who seek my help, to at least try.

Those who experience increased health, wellness, calm and confidence from working with me, already know.

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